I wouldn’t consider myself to be a very confident person, although I’m working really hard to change that.  Part of that has involved in looking at where I currently draw my confidence from.  That was when I realized that love clothes.  But not in a what’s in fashion kind of way, but in an observe people’s personal style kind of way.  Because it’s not the fashion followers that determine where fashion is going, it’s those that choose to push the envelope and make fashion their own that determine the next trend.

I don’t know if I myself could be considered fashion forward.  I wear what I like, not what’s on the runways.  Sometimes everything I see is right up my alley, other times I go ages without buying a thing.  But no matter what it is I’m wearing, I began to notice that I was always my most confident when wearing my favourite clothes.

Luckily, I live in Canada so there isn’t very much going on outside my front door that I actually need to physically protect myself from.  And believe me; I am thankful for this every single day.  But even though I live in a pretty safe place, there are many things out there that can shake a person’s confidence.   Social pressure, media influence, abusive behaviour and countless other things that can make a truly beautiful person feel like they have nothing to offer.  And though we’d all like it to, that old sticks and stones saying doesn’t take the sting away when someone has decided to put you down.  There isn’t a magical Kevlar vest we can put on to deflect all that crap away.  Your wardrobe is one of the few protections you have against all that stuff.  And it’s not because other people think it looks good, but because of how you feel when wearing something you truly love.  It’s a lot easier for me to ignore all the negative thoughts that have been instilled in me when I’m “looking good” and feeling confident.

This theory isn’t just about protecting yourself from negativity. It’s also about paying attention to how you present yourself to the world.  You can probably tell when I’m feeling crappy on the inside because I don’t care enough to wade through the sea of clothes and put something together.   I think that when I take the time to carefully put together my outfit I’m showing the part of me that loves myself to the world, and when I don’t… I’m presenting that crappy self-doubting other side.  Your clothes are like your suit of armor for life.  Think about it, you wouldn’t go raiding without your best gear, so why go outside without putting the same level of thought into your own gear?

Fashion shouldn’t be about what’s on the runway, magazine covers or mall mannequins.  It should be about looking in the mirror and saying “Damn, I look great today”… whatever your version of that is.


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