My favourite time of day is the morning.  It is the time I have set aside for self-care activities.  I work on this blog, drink coffee, journal, spend time with Smithers.  Neglecting self-care is a trap that people tend to fall into.  Especially the caring types of people.  We spend all our time working and cleaning and doing for others that sometimes we forget to do for ourselves.  That’s why I set this time aside every day.  I use it to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.  Read up on a subject or work on something for the many creative projects swirling around in my little mind.  I once saw one of those inspirational Facebook posts that said something like An artist who isn’t creating is committing emotional suicide.  It really stuck with me.  If I don’t prioritize these ideas they will never become anything else.  Plus the bonuses to my mood are simply indescribable.

Art is everywhere, even the person who thinks they aren’t artistic has something to offer the world.  Your art might be in numbers or you might be amazing with computers.  We can’t all be good at everything but we’re all good at something.  That uniqueness is what makes this world so diverse and amazing.  I want to encourage everyone to tap into their true selves and work on a project they’ve always wanted to start.  Even if it’s just writing it down on paper.  Creativity has immense power.  By writing down your idea you can build on it the next time you come across that piece of paper.  Maybe you put it in your purse or wallet and find it when you’re out. Now you’re on your way to the bookstore to start research (do people still do that or am I just old school?).  Baby steps and tiny building blocks add up to amazing things.  That’s one of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned over the years.  It applies to everything.  But this is how I keep my creativity flowing.  The biggest problem that I have is that there are too many things that I’ve started.  By bouncing around and working on them all I usually don’t make fast progress on any of them.  It is the curse of the multi-tasker.  I do have to say, though, by setting aside this hour or so every morning I’ve been making more progress than I ever did.


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