There is something that I wonder about quite a bit.  Why is it that people think that I’m weird for liking things that usually children enjoy?

I really see no harm in it, but I get a lot of judgement and weird looks because of it.  I don’t think that you should deny yourself joy.  Play is stimulating.  Not everyone is going to continue to enjoy the things they used to when they were children.  But think about that heartwarming joy that you feel when you come across things you used to love when you were a kid.  What is the harm that I choose to come home and watch a Disney movie instead of Agents of Shield?  Or that I chose to buy stuffed animals and cool Disney stuff over a massive wardrobe and an extensive collection of video games? I’m pretty decent at taking care of my adult responsibilities.  I like that I chose to stay in touch with that side of me that can take off to imagination land on the carpet with the little kids in my life.  I feel like in doing so I’ve allowed my creativity to continue to thrive.  It gives me a great source to tap into in times of sadness.  All of these cartoons make me laugh and fill me with what I’ve come to refer to as Disney magic.   Many animated films are on my list of bad mood killers.  Children are magical.  They are full of love and forgiveness until the world teaches them otherwise.  They are just themselves honestly and truly.  It’s so beautiful.

Maybe that’s why I stick with the things I loved as a kid.  As inspiration, to remind myself that embracing who I am is ok.  That love and forgiveness is ok (with limits).  When I lost touch with that child-like side of myself I began to treat people as the world has treated me.  By engaging with cartoons and not worrying about trying to be a “grown-up” have I started to remember who I am.  I’ve also seen just how much the world has changed me.  I don’t really care if people think I’m weird anymore, I just sometimes wonder why exactly it is considered so.


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