It is no secret that I love cartoons.  They always have and always will be one of my favourite forms of art. It’s rare though that I reach the point of adoration I have with this show. I can think of only two others: ReBoot and Toy Story.  Gravity Falls is a Disney Channel cartoon about 12-year-old twins Mabel and Dipper who are shipped off to spend the summer with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan.  I think it has a lot going for it that even adults can enjoy.  So here are the reasons why a grown human can love Gravity Falls so much.

First things first Grunkle Stan.  This man should 100% not be in charge of children.  At one point he even says “This feels like something a responsible parent wouldn’t want you to do… good thing I’m an uncle.”  He is hilariously inappropriate and brings a fair amount of adult humour to the show.  He also has a sensitive side. Stan really does care for the twins which just makes him a loveable grumpy old con man.

This is Stan’s idea of “Family Fun Day”

Grunkle Stan isn’t the only source of adult humor this show has to offer.  A good set of characters is the most important priority for me when picking a tv show, and this one has a stellar cast.  Soos the handyman is always hilarious and Wendy and her friends really nail down what being a teenager is like.  There’s also plenty of eccentric townsfolk that are good for some laughs.

The second most important thing for me is a show that keeps me thinking.  There are huge mysteries surrounding the town of Gravity Falls.  Figuring out what’s going on there is more of an adventure with each episode.  Plus there are hidden codes to decipher everywhere.  It is so fun to put all the puzzle pieces together.  I’ve been right about stuff and wrong about stuff.  Either way, it’s so satisfying to finally have an answer.  Usually, answers create more questions.  It’s like LOST, but better.

An image from the opening credits. We still don’t know what everything on the wheel means.

Because this is a kid’s show (arguably) there usually is some kind of lesson that the twins learn.  They cover some pretty great stuff like what it means to be a “Man” and manipulating others for your own gain.  Some of the things the twins struggle with are relatable to people of all ages.  I have a younger brother that I’m really close to and the way the Dipper and Mabel are with each other reminds me of our dynamic a lot.  My brother has told me that Mabel basically is 12-year-old Heather.  I don’t know if it’s a compliment or not.  She’s awesome, though, so I’m going to take it that way.  I will review animation on here from time to time but rarely am I going to sing from the rooftops “You must watch this show!!!” like I am right now.


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