I think that some form of emotional regulation needs to be taught in schools.  The resources that are available to help people with these types of things are few and far between and the waiting lists are horrendously long.  If some basic emotional tools were taught in schools it would likely take some of the strain off the mental health system.  It would also better equip young people to deal with the unfortunate things that may happen in their life.  I’d like to point out that I think it is essential to take steps to help prevent bad things from happening, but giving youth the tools to deal with what can’t be prevented is also valuable.  Up until now, this has been left up to the parents but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s enough anymore.  There are many adults who don’t function well emotionally and they don’t have the skills in their toolbox to pass that on to their children.  There’s a lot of people up in arms over the recent sex education changes in Ontario.  Saying that those things are better left to the parents at home.  However, if proper sex-ed were being taken care of at home we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems that we do.  Emotional regulation could be looked at in a similar way.

There is so much that I’ve learned about through therapy that would probably be so valuable to some of the people I know that don’t think the have “issues.”  Not only people who struggle can benefit from these types of tools.  I just feel like there’s ben a disconnect somewhere.  People have forgotten how to treat one another or how to deal with their emotions. Sincerity honesty and compassion almost seem to be things of the past.  If everyone got some kind of emotional tools in school maybe there wouldn’t be so many troubled kids or bullies.  I thought part of the purpose of public education is to help prepare youth for the world.  Maybe not everyone needs help here but it could be offered as an elective or a seminar to those who would take something from it.

I’m not an expert on children or education or anything, I just notice a great deal of people struggling with emotional tools.  Especially the young people I engage with at school.  What do you think?  Would something like this be useful or should it be left up to the parents?


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