I have been waiting for this one for a long time.  The trouble with me and Disney/Pixar is I get so excited that I build it up too much and end up disappointed.  I was afraid that’s what was going to happen with this one, but that was not the case.  I can genuinely say that this one is great for people of all ages because of the wide age range of people I went to see it with.

Inside Out aims to answer the question “What is going on in their head?”  The question gets answered in a way that is clever and funny.  The concept is delivered in a way that resonates with people of all ages.  The emotions are personified in a memorable cast of characters that each hit home with me in their own unique way.  Things felt on the short side, but yet dragging things out anymore might have compromised the story.

Yet again Pixar has come through with a brilliant colour palette and a distinct look and feel to their animation.  But yet it felt oddly familiar and still really fit well with the recognizable style of their existing library.  It embodied everything I’ve come to expect from this studio.  I need to watch it again because as I sit here writing this review I’ve got so many questions that I’m sure a second watch will help sort out.

If animation is your thing or you’ve got kids, this one is definitely worth checking out.


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