The first thing that comes to mind is to invent an always kitten.  It’s a magic wand, right?  Cats are great, but kittens are adorable, having one that never grew up would be so awesome.  Then the responsible side of me kicks in and I think I would create shelter that I don’t have to pay for.  I’d set it up with some form of energy that doesn’t hurt nature or cost me a fortune.  Of course, I would share this “technology” with the world, in the interest of saving mother earth.  Finding a way to live amongst nature and off the land yet still be a part of society would be a dream come true.  I’d set something up Weasley style where all the basic activities are being done through simple charms.  I think of it as living off the grid, magic style.

Next, I’d conjure up some luck for the people I care about to help them through their struggles a bit.  There are some loving, caring people out there that I can think of that deserve it.  No luck for myself though thanks, something about doing that for yourself just feels manipulative.

I’d get myself what I needed to create and be artistic.  All the equipment and materials I can’t afford because, life.  I would also probably work towards trying to create some kind of art using magic itself.  I would also work on  magic that instantly records all the ideas in my head.  This way all of the wonderfully creative things I don’t get a chance to write down wouldn’t be gone forever.

The possibilities of what I could do with a magic wand are endless.  I’m curious, what would you do if I handed you a magic wand right now?


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