Today I had to be up way earlier than I usually am.  Even the dog was like “why on earth are we going outside now?”  As I was waiting for my dear Mr. Smithers to do his business I noticed that my friend’s unit (where I’m house-sitting) wasn’t the only one with lights on.  I had incorrectly assumed that I was the only person who would be awake at that hour.  Someone’s TV flickered in the dark.  A few other units had bedroom lights on.  That got me thinking, do each and every one of these people think they’re the only one awake?  Do they stumble off to their cars in a half-zombie state completely unaware that they are not alone?  As the morning progressed lights flickered on and off all over the complex and cars drove away one by one.  Each one of them unaware that I was up so early, quietly observing the morning patterns of Tina’s neighbours.

There are so many instances when people think that they’re alone.  We think that no one understands what we’re going through when really it is far more likely that someone else out there is experiencing a similar thing.  That’s not to say that we all respond to things in the same way.  Our reactions to things are heavily weighted by our personal perspective and experience.  Different personality types need different things in order to feel at ease.  However, despite these differences, there is probably going to be a part of their story that’s relatable to you.  Hey, you might even be able to learn from each other.  I feel like everyone is connected and there’s something to be learned from every person in your life.  It’s easy for me to take away something from every person’s story.

This brings me back to the lighted windows in the complex this morning.  I found myself wondering about the other people who were awake.  Who were they? Where were they going? I questioned why the one person watched TV in the dark but had left the bedroom light on.  I was curious as to why each person needed to be up that early.    Was it all work related?  Was someone going on holiday? or to visit family maybe?  There was also a random kid maybe 12-14 who was waiting alone for a cab around 6 ish.  What was up with that?  I’d love to hear some anecdotes from his life.

The funny thing is, as I sat here writing this post I assumed I was alone in making these observations.  Yet any one of those people could have been thinking “Why the heck is that red-haired girl taking that beagle out at quarter to five in the morning?”


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