I have extreme difficulty with time management. I’m getting better at it but I have this tendency to get distracted which really slows me down.  I’ve chosen to focus on this goal specifically because my time is the most valuable resource that I have.   I exchange my time for knowledge at school.  With post-secondary education I’m combining that with money.  Cold hard cash that I exchanged for my time by folding/hanging clothes at a retail establishment.  All while being super smiley and  pleasant.  Furthermore, I’m limited in the amount of time I can exchange for money due to the demands of my program and other health restrictions.  We don’t pay cash for services like youtube but we sit through ads which are essentially paying with your time.   In other cases, it is a combination of the two.  In essence, nothing is free because we will always be paying with either time or money.

I’ve started evaluating the things I do in respect to how I’m spending the time.  For example, before I started doing this I would often put off things that I enjoy in order to do things I viewed as more urgent.  However now a lot of those things are classified as self-care.  Self-care time has value to me because it contributes to my daily happiness.  By breaking things down into categories it is easier for me to prioritize little things that used to get neglected.  It has also helped me remember to maintain certain aspects of my life.  Cleaning time, family time, work time, creative time, friendship time.   Even though I still feel like I’m not as productive as I could be I have more of a sense of balance.  I’m not as tense because I’m going out of my way to reach out to people for small interactions.  Normally I would turtle away when I’m stressed but this new system of thinking has helped me to move away from that.

Because I’ve been doing more work online I started to monitor how I spend my time at the computer.   I find knowing that I’m being monitored helps me stay focused on more productive tasks.  I spend more time working on this blog because it’s classed as writing time and less creeping social media which is classified as unproductive.  Once I’ve labelled something in my head as a time waster it is easier to write it off for activities of higher priority.

The results of this change has made me see that how I spend my time can make all the difference in the world.  My hour glass is running, and when time’s up that’s it.  Time isn’t just the most valuable resource I have, it’s the only one I have, and I should choose how I spend it more wisely.


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