For the longest time, my favourite book was Jurassic Park.  It was dry in sections, but DINOSAURS!!  Growing up in love with the  film the way I did really got me excited about getting to explore the park in more detail.  The characters as they were written were far more dynamic than their on-screen counterparts.  However, it was the theme of human arrogance that kept bringing me back to this one round after round.  Everything that goes on in that park is based on the assumptions that humans know everything there is to know about dinosaurs.  The level to which they are unprepared is far more illustrated in the novel.  I really like how it is exactly how much they don’t know that ends up kicking them in the pants. Also, dinosaurs!

It was a great pick for a favourite book until the day my life changed forever.  I consumed Animal Farm in what felt like minutes.  It articulated the issues I had with humanity in a way that was so simple.  I love animal stories, and applying the fairy tale format to such heavy material resonated with me in an indescribable way.  I think my drive to be an honest journalist and maintain a sense of kindness and humanity comes from this book.  Couple it up with 1984 and you’ve got a prime example of everything I’m trying not to be.  The works of George Orwell challenge me to look at the world critically and avoid group think.

There was a time in my life that I swore Jurassic Park would always be my favourite book.  But before that, it was something else.  I’m also pretty sure that another book will rock my world in the same way that Animal Farm did.  Your favourite book should be as ever fluid and changing as you are.  You’re not the same person you were ten years ago.  You likely won’t be the same ten years from now.  There’s always new things to experience.  The concept of having one favourite something or one best friend is weird to me.  I like all the people and things that are in my life for different reasons.  Ask me to pick my favourite song… I’ll never be able to settle on just one.  It actually hurts my brain trying to narrow it down.  For me, favourites are more of a tier than just one thing.  There will never be just one cartoon, movie, book or song.   To me, that is limiting my flexibility.


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