I used to go on grand adventures…

I’ve been to parties like you’ve never seen.  I’ve danced the night away in abandoned factories, truck garages, concert halls and nightclubs.  Plus bonfires of all kinds: on the beach, in the woods, cottages, trailers and farmer’s fields.   House parties, hotel parties, dinner parties, after parties, showers, screenings and sleepovers.   I’ve slept in a haunted mansion and drove halfway across the country just to see dinosaur bones.  I’ve been from coast to coast and seen the wonderous changing landscape my country as to offer.  I’ve seen the different worlds that exist within my nation and found some of the hidden gems off the beaten path.

I used to go on grand adventures…

I feel like Toronto is my city.  It’s like the whole world right there at my fingertips.  I’ve been there for pride parades, sporting events, conventions, concerts, and the theater.  Most of the YouTube events that I attend have been held there.  I’ve spent entire days downtown just shopping and geocaching and exploring new places.  The art, history, and culture is amazing.  I can sample world cuisine in my own back yard.  Something I will NEVER stop being grateful for.

I still go on grand adventures…

But they are different now.  They exist within my heart and soul as I learn who I truly am.  I find them within my college were I train for my future career.  They’re in all the things I learn about myself from time spent with my peers.  They exist within this magic box of circuits and electricity, as I express my creativity and learn the tools of my chosen craft.   They exist within the trial and error of learning to change my ways and owning up to the mistakes I’ve made that led me here today.

I used to think that having grand adventures meant seeing remarkable things.

Yet now I feel like every day is an adventure.  The little things can alter perception just as much as the big things, if not more.  Every person you meet has something to teach you.  Learning is just as likely to happen in the supermarket as it is in a classroom or high up in the mountains.  I learn just as much from the youngest person in my life as I do the oldest.  I have adopted the philosophy that the little things matter more than the big things.  So I feel that as long as you’re learning from everything you do, you’re on an adventure.


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