I love toys more than any adult really should.  I have more stuffed animals than some children.  I’m on a warpath to have every Disney Infinity figurine ever.  Why? Honestly, I don’t know because I’m not even really a Marvel fan.  Completeness? XP Bonus?  They all look really badass? Plus there’s infinite fun in being able to do adorable things like making Vanellope Von Shweetz snuggle up to the Hulk.

Hulk No Smash President
… see?  So cute right?

So Disney love aside the point of this is to talk about play.  One of my first posts was about acknowledging the inner child so it’s really no secret how I feel on this topic.  I’ll be the first to say that playing video games is a waste of time.  I need to force myself to think that way so that I dedicate more time to activities that move me towards my goals.  Even though I say that I still play, almost daily.  I mean I started this post talking about a video game, I have a steam account, 2 consoles and will play hearthstone regularly.  So if I feel like they’re a waste of time why do I continue to play?  There are 2 main reasons: 1.  There’s a lot you can learn about storytelling from video games.  2.  Play is extremely important.

If my idea of what’s fun hasn’t changed in like 25 years that’s cool, entertainment is subjective.  Traditional childlike play is appealing for me because it enables me to use my imagination and flex my storytelling muscles.  I had a friend who went snowmobiling to help her blow off the steam from her life.  I didn’t like the snowmobile, but I’m a delicate flower (not really) and we aren’t known for liking the cold (this part is true).  Joy and laughter get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing.  Navigating the landscape of society can be a struggle for even the most resilient individual at times.  Having something to look forward to other than survival is healthy for the soul.  There are activities we partake in that fill up this small little lantern inside our hearts.  When that lantern is full we have more fuel to project positivity outward.  This light also has the power to motivate us and bring us energy.  As with all types of fuel, it needs to be replenished.  I’ve often heard people say that the dream job is working every day without it feeling like you’re at work.  That concept right there is why I flushed my comfort zone down the toilet and started over.  I was presented with an opportunity to make what I do for fun and what I do for money the same thing.

Play is about a little more than just taking time off.  It’s about finding the little joy in life that is there just for you.  Not your mom, or your partner or your kids… YOU.  Play exists in many forms.  A good example is this adult colouring fad that’s everywhere right now.    Some people have a lot of fun messing around with numbers, or lego, or building models, or playing a sport.  Whatever the thing is for you, give it a little more priority.  I’m going to throw this one back to Monsters Inc. and the idea that laughter is ten times more powerful than screams.  Spending your energy on something that makes you happy is more energizing and make the more draining aspects of life a little more bearable.



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