Here’s a few samples of my favourite posts, short stories, and treatments. I hope you enjoy them:

Inside Out:  Subtly Explaining Depression

inside out sadness joy alegria tristeza del reves disney pixar screencaps

Inside Out is probably the best thing to come out of Pixar for a long long time… It does a good job of showing you what depression looks and feels like without being preachy or obvious about it.  Read more…

New Day, New Adventure

BC From Mike 931

I used to go on grand adventures… I’ve been to parties like you’ve never seen.  I’ve danced the night away in abandoned factories, truck garages, concert halls, and nightclubs.  Plus bonfires of all kinds: on the beach, in the woods, cottages, trailers and farmer’s fields.  Read more…

Fashion – Your Suit Of Armour For Life


I wouldn’t consider myself to be a very confident person, although I’m working really hard to change that.  Part of that has involved in looking at where I currently draw my confidence from.  That was when I realized that love clothes.  But not in a what’s in fashion kind of way, but in an observe people’s personal style kind of way.  Because it’s not the fashion followers that determine where fashion is going, it’s those that choose to push the envelope and make fashion their own that determine the next trend.  Read more…